Friday, 16 September 2016

Let's start with the shoes! They pretty much sum up this summers trend being both espadrille sandals as well as having the much sought after tie up laces. Better still, they can turn a casual outfit into something more chic, so they're perfect for those days where you don't fancy dressing up clothes-wise but you still want to look stylish. Pair them with shorts and your favourite slouchy tee, a flowing skirt or as I have with a silky dress and you can't go wrong. For bonus points... they're comfy as well as cheap at only £7 in the sale (using student discount).

I've got to say, I love this dress! I spotted it on one of many of Primarks sale racks all alone so I'm not sure if it's still readily available but I'll link some similar dresses below. (However, if you are visiting a Primark soon, definitely look around as this was such a good buy at only £5!). It's so soft and silky and being quite casual, easy to wear. I've paired it with a choker and a bomber jacket for the perfect cover up going into the evening. 


Shoes: Misspap, £14 or Asos, £14 or New Look £6 
Dress: Missguided/carlibybel, £20 or Asos, £17.50 or Boohoo, £10 

As always, have a lovely weekend! 

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