Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Cornfields and ripped denim shorts, a fashion bloggers dream

Todays post is brought to you from some more beautiful scenery. I can't resist a good photo opportunity and these cornfields make a picturesque background. I know at this time of year I should probably be swapping the corn for a pumpkin patch but I am yet to go pumpkin picking, so maybe that’s some inspiration for my next post!

Onto the clothes

Starting with the white shirt – I’ve customized this a little by tying a knot at the bottom, as it’s quite a loose fitting 'boyfriend style' shirt. With this outfit I preferred to have the shirt to pinch in slightly just above the hips giving a more flattering shape as my shorts are low waisted. Alternatively, it would look just as fitted tucked into the shorts instead. I personally love a crisp white shirt but if you want to explore with colours more, a great substitute would be a plaid shirt. Besides, whichever shirt takes your fancy, you'll always be on trend, so button up!

Top: Primark, £6
Jacket: Alcott, (10 Euros - bought in Naples)
Shorts: Zara (old stock)
Choker: Primark, £1.50 (set of 3)

I love these shorts, they were a staple piece I bought from Zara a while back and I can truly say I’ve got my wear out of them. They’ve been worn to festivals, shopping with friends and they’re perfect for a hot day. But it’s not just the summer they’re used for, with the cooler weather approaching and the new thigh high boot craze, they’re the perfect item to keep your pins looking longer and in proportion. Now, cut off ripped denim shorts are something most of us will own already, but if not I have a great tip for you… if you’re ever about to throw out some jeans that are too short or don’t fit as good as they used to, stop! Get out your scissors and get customizing instead! Chances are, your old jeans will look great as new shorts, literally cut them to your desired length, rip the edges of the material to give them a ragged, edgy look and voila!

I’m still on board with the choker obsession and there’s rarely an outfit that doesn’t include one recently, I love the extra detail and finishing touch they lend to an outfit. Also, for a pack of 3 for £1.50 from trusty Primark, you can’t really go wrong. They have a whole selection of different designs in at the moment so it might be time to start your collection too!

I realize in these photos you can’t see my shoes, but you’re not missing out on much – they were simple flats, but to dress up this look, some high knee boots or heeled sandals would match the laid back feel perfectly.

Get the look with similar items here:

White shirt: Bonprix, £12
Bomber jacket: Dorothy Perkins, £16.80
Ripped shorts: Missguided, £12.50

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Casual nudes


Top: Primark, £6
Skirt: Miss Selfridge, £8 (Sale)
Rucksack: New Look, £8 (Sale)
Boots: Primark, £8

An entire outfit for £30, head to toe!

I am loving all things nude at the moment, so this off the shoulder nude top was one I couldn't just walk past when I spotted it in Primark... and when I tell you the price it'll be sold in your mind too: a mere £6! 

I think denim and nude make a match made in heaven when styled together. So, I have paired it with the wardrobe staple denim mini skirt, which will still be wearable as the colder months approach by just adding tights or boots. This particular one is from Miss Selfridge, I love the details and the copper coloured buttons. This was also a bargain at only £8 in the sale (with student discount).

I'm now on the hunt for an affordable pair of knee high boots to get through the autumn. If you know of any, please leave a link in the comments below! :)

Get the look, similar items:

Skirt: Matalan, £14

Friday, 7 October 2016

White lace dress

Dress: Topshop (sale) £12
Boots: H&M £24
Hat: New Look £6
Choker: Primark £1.50

I've always had a weakness for lace dresses, there's something so flattering and pretty about the material. I love everything about this particular one, from the off-the-shoulder style to the overall fit. One of the best things about a dress like this is its ability to be worn day or night, dressed down casual or worn for an occasion, it'll always make heads turn. A white lace dress also never goes out of fashion, so you can be guaranteed to look good.

Lace items in general are always a good buy, being so feminine and elegant. But to add edge and dress this look up, the perfect accessory for me is a hat. It gives that added touch of your own unique style.

I've recreated this look with some amazing buys below to get you weekend ready.

Get the look with similar items here:
Dress: Boohoo, £8, or, Boohoo, £20
Hat: Asos, £7.50 or Missguided, £15

Have a lovely weekend all :)

Monday, 3 October 2016

Black and white basics

Slip dress: New Look (sale item)
White top: H&M (sale item)
Shoes: Converse from Schuh, where you can get 20% student discount

I'm back and I'm ready to blog again! (I had a week with zero internet and after a good ol' catch up on my fave blogs I'm feeling inspired to get back to it, yay!)

Occasionally, it is nice to ditch the glitz and glam and instead throw on a pair of comfy converse shoes. I think a fair few of you would agree? But, to still have a girly touch, pairing them with a dress adds a sprinkle of glamour to your overall outfit.

This little black slip dress was recently in the New Look sale, I think for around £8. It is a great casual dress easily worn and easily adapted to suit different looks. Here, I have placed it over a white tee which you can pick up from most shops for a good price.

As an everyday simple outfit made from wardrobe staples, it is perfect for the autumn sun (which is surprisingly still so warm!). For the bargain lovers out there, it is also a super affordable look/I reckon you could probably dig out similar items in your wardrobe already and recreate this style yourself!

Get the look:
Dress: Boohoo, £5
T-shirt: Visit Primark - they have a whole selection of white tees that won't break the bank!

How do you like to wear your little black dress?