Thursday, 29 December 2016

Finding the perfect party cover up with Blue Vanilla

*Leather jacket: Blue Vanilla, £55
Black velvet crop top: New Look, £5 (sale) 
Black high waisted jeans: Miss Selfridge £12 (sale) 
Heels: Next Outlet £13

As we’re in the centre of party season with Christmas quickly passing by and New Year approaching, I thought the perfect post would be to feature my favourite party cover up. As it’s currently freezing outside (I hope it’s not too obvious that I was shivering in these photos - oh the sacrifices we make for our blogs!) there is no chance I will be venturing out without some form of a coat. 

The only problem is, none of us want to ruin a pretty or girly outfit with a huge black coat draped over us. No matter how warm that coat may be, I know I don’t want to be sporting the ‘tent’ look this season. So, my ultimate party season essential is to opt for a leather jacket. But, to make it weather appropriate, how amazing is this leather jacket plus faux fur from Blue Vanilla?! 

Yes, you read correctly, this jacket comes with the faux fur piece (which is usually around £10 for a good quality one alone unless you’re lucky enough to find one in the sale). It makes this jacket a really affordable statement item to add to your wardrobe… and the best bit: you can unzip the fur for the warmer months making this jacket perfect for all year round!

The jacket I’m wearing is a size 10, it’s quite spacious and baggy making it good to wear over thicker items such as wooly jumpers. But, if you’re looking for a more fitted style, definitely size down for this particular one. Overall, it’s a very nice quality, soft and comfy. I also love the small details such as the ribbed pattern on the sleeves and the golden coloured zips, each adding a touch of sophistication and I believe making it look a little more expensive than it is. 

Blue Vanilla

Before collaborating with Blue Vanilla, I had always been intrigued by their clothing stands in New Look. They offer unique styles at great prices whilst maintaining good quality. I’ve also noticed they do great sales, with currently up to 60% off... so why wait, check them out now: and treat yourself to a post Christmas gift! 

Finally, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your 2017 be filled with happiness and joy :) 

*Massive thank you to Blue Vanilla for sending me this gorgeous jacket! 



  1. To stunning, you look cosy and stylish at the same time! x

  2. Awesome look. Loved your style.