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Hello! I'm glad I caught your attention, thanks for stopping by :)

Here's a little about me. I'm 22 (fun-ish fact: people regularly mistake me for a teenager) and I live in England, not too far from London. I graduated from university with a law degree and did a lil more further education following this allowing me to begin a career in law. Since leaving uni I have really wanted to become a solicitor, but I've also always been torn between doing a creative job doing something artsy especially with my passion for photography. So I thought starting a blog allows me to get the perfect balance whilst working in a solicitors office during the week.

You may notice after browsing through my posts that I have a real passion for bagging a bargain! Some may call me tight, but there's nothing worse than paying full price for something to see it half price a week later. Aaaaand you most definitely don't need to blow all your wages to look good! So my focus on here will be affordable items, helping you to find style steals no matter what your budget is.

I also love all things to do with beauty and makeup and have an ever growing collection of skincare products. Not much different from your ordinary girl! That means you'll also see the occasional beauty product review :)

I'll probably also include the odd snippet of general lifestyle posts such as travel, or diet and food sometime soon (when I decide to join the gym and start being healthy again!)

Don't ever hesitate to drop me an email about anything, I'd love to chat :)

Contact me: lauralouiseinfo@gmail.com and check out my social media

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